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If you are a dynamic person looking to excel in Real Estate Sales, we are ready to offer you a very rewarding package to join our real estate sales team.  Our company founder has built a reputation by operating ethically and protecting the interests of all home-sellers and buyers for 23 years, and is committed to very high standards.

To maintain our leading position and increase our success, we need you to join us.

We have two aims - first, to be the best real estate agency in our area;  second, to build the best real estate team in our area.

If you are of excellent character, if you own or you are buying your own home, if you live within 20 minutes of our office and preferably have no experience in real estate sales, we encourage you to consider a career with our agency.


You will need to have enormous energy, rock-solid integrity, high intelligence, sound judgement, a love of learning and an ambition to be the very best in your profession. 

If these are your core values, and you are willing to consider our agency, full sales training will be provided to you at no fee.

There is no ceiling to our bonus system. Your total income (salary plus bonuses) should be at least $130,000 - $200,000 per year.

Please call Danielle on 3207 6000 or provide your Resume along with a cover letter to admin@tidboldrealestate.com.au




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This information provides details of a method of recruiting being used by many real estate companies across Australia and New Zealand.

These companies are committed to building winning teams comprising results-focused people of integrity who are highly skilled in sales and customer care.  These agents are willing to teach these skills to the right people: those who want a career, not merely a job.  With the right people and the right training, the aim of these companies is to offer to property seller and buyers a better experience - an improvement on  that which is offered by the typical real estate agency.

This information will give you an insight into what such companies can offer you if you work in one of them.  It will also give you an insight into what is expected of you should you accept a position with one of these companies.

If you are inspired by what you read, you might consider a real estate career.


As the real estate industry entered the 21st Century it did not enjoy a good standing in the community.

Morgan Group surveys revealed on average only eight percent of people regarded real estate agents as honest and ethical.  This means that ninety-two people in one hundred have had bad experiences with real estate agents.  This is not a record to be proud of.  And there is no sign of improvement.

This reputation is often undeserved.  The real estate industry has many fine and honest people and can be a wonderful industry in which to enjoy a career.  Poor systems and outdated practices, however, have led to widespread public disdain.

Within the industry things are not much better. Apart from those brief periods when the property market is booming, many real estate agencies and the salespeople working in them, struggle to survive.

For more than a decade at one training course, a teacher advised his students, "In twelve months most of you will be out of the real estate industry.  And those of you who remain will not be making much money."  How inspiring!

It does not have to be this way.

You are invited to consider a career with a different type of real estate agency - one that believes salespeople should be well trained in selling skills and client care.  These agencies are at various stages of implementing the Real Estate Agency Management Program, developed by the Pittard Training Group.

These companies are not perfect, but they do know that the secret to longevity in business is to look after their customers. To achieve this aim they are constantly on the lookout for good people, who are willing to learn how to sell real estate in a manner that puts the client, not the agent, first.

If you are a person like this we would welcome the opportunity to meet you.


Breaking with tradition

Salespeople are expected to earn at least $120, 000 annually in personal income.  This is more than double the typical real estate levels.

Agents using the Real Estate Agency Management Program are confident.  They know that provided they hire the right people and teach the right skills, the chances of success are excellent.  For this reason they are prepared to back their own judgement by ensuring that all sales staff are paid a good salary.  This breaks 'tradition'.

Many other agents remunerate salespeople either by 'commission only' or through a 'pay back retainer' (advances against commissions).

The Real Estate Agency Management Program is vehemently opposed to such schemes, believing they indicate that most agents are incapable of training their people to succeed.  To hire almost anybody and hope things will 'work out' is absurd.

In most cases things don't work out.  Salespeople can struggle for many months on pitiful levels of income only to leave the industry feeling disillusioned.  The industry not only loses many potentially successful people with these payment schemes, but it also fails to attract the right calibre of people in the beginning.

Thousands of people are unwilling to enter real estate due to the lack of a guaranteed minimum wage.  Traditional pay schemes are one of the underlying causes for the bad reputation suffered by agents.  How can the real estate industry expect to attract the best people if it offers some of the worst conditions in the beginning?

Offices using the Real Estate Agency Management Program won't just hire anybody, nor will they allow permanent hiring of any person until they have successfully completed a number of interviews, training programs and a series of comprehensive tests.

It is NOT easy to secure a position in an agency using the Real Estate Agency Management Program.

The personal and financial rewards in an office using this program are high.  The base salary package is $77,000 - which excludes bonuses.  Included in the salary package is a $3, 000 training and education benefit.

Bonuses are based on sales performance and can easily equal the base salary. Salespeople are expected to earn at least $120, 000 annually in personal income.  There are many earning well over $150, 000 per annum.


What you can expect

If you join an agency that is implementing the Real Estate Agency Management Program, you will be given clear direction and exptected to adhere to a number of major commitments.  Some of these are:




So who are the right people?

Traditionally, the real estate industry preferred to hire experienced people only.  Not so with agencies that use the Real Estate Agency Management Program.

Agents using this program prefer people with NO experience.  These agents teach newcomers selling skills that range from the basics through to the most advanced stages.  In particular, they believe that 'pre-start' training is vitally important to success.

For many years, there was a belief that a person could enter real estate with little or no 'skills training' and quickly master the strategies and succeed.  Horrendous staff loses and the abysmal levels of income received by salespeople hired under 'traditional methods' are proof that these 'hit and miss' methods don't work.

The success rate of salespeople who use the sales programs from the Real Estate Agency Management Program is far in excess of industry averages.  These methods are proven; it is only the people who are now 'on trial'.

People who have the following characteristics are most likely to do well:

* No real estate experience

* A history of stability, particularly in employment

* Own, or are purchasing, property

* Are of excellent character

With these characteristics, many people can succeed provided they work hard and are constantly learning.  Desire is still the key.

People from all age groups and backgrounds are NOW enjoying successful real estate careers within agencies that are implementing the Real Estate Agency Management Program.

As in life, the character of a person is the true measure of their success.


If you have made attempts to enter the real estate industry, you may have become familiar with the expression, 'We don't need anybody right now.'  This statement is likely to be made by managers who have been so badly hurt by 'traditional' hiring methods that they have become sceptical.

With a high proportion of new people entering the industry failing, and with many experienced people having horribly ingrained bad habits, it is not surprising that real estate managers don't relish the thought of hiring sales staff.

Most managers fear the thought of hiring and avoid it where possible.

You may be thinking, "I'm good, and I'm ready to do 'whatever it takes' to succeed.  How can they say they don't need me?"

Most offices operating with the Real Estate Agency Management Program are always open for hiring.  In these offices, recruitment is ongoing.  There are set days when they conduct interviews.  A potential applicant need only ask, "When is your interview day?"

If you are considering real estate either now, or at some time in the future, the leader of an office using the Real Estate Agency Management Program will always be happy to speak with you.

An important aspect of the hiring process is that it allows both the office and the candidate to preview each other before a permanent decision is made.

There are positions available now in Australia and New Zealand.

If you have the right characteristics and pass all stages of the Hiring Program, your chances of securing a position are excellent.


How the process works

Fill in the details about yourself on the questionnaire on our website and return it to our office.

If the questionnaire is satisfactory, you will be advised of an appropriate time for an interview.  If we feel our program will suit you, you will be provided with an audio program called Beginner to Winner.  This course will give a good indication of what is expected of you should you be successful in obtaining employment as a salesperson in an office using the Real Estate Agency Management Program.

You will then be asked to study the major Pittard Training Group sales program, Winning Ways.  Your exposure to this program will be either by 'live' three day seminar or through a CD audio program.

* There will be a comprehensive theory examination based on Winning Ways.

* There is also a four-day practical assessment.

* The entire process can take approximately 3 months giving both you and the office plenty of time to decide.

* There will be a three-month trial period before a permanent decision is made.

* You will be asked to read several books and listen to other brief audio programs to give you a greater understanding of what is involved.

* You will be provided with information regarding legal obligations and procedures associated with the buying and selling of real estate in your state.

* You will need to obtain the necessary licences or certificates to comply with the law.

* To research the licencing requirements in your region, please go to www. fairtrading.qld.gov.au


It is important you know as much as possible about a future in real estate.  Here are some vital points:


You must be prepared to work many hours, particularly in the early months.  It is not unusual for some days to begin at nine in the morning and end at ten that night.  At times there is a tendancy for some new salespeople to work too many hours.

Success in the sales profession requires enormous amount of dedication.  The primary focus, however, is on actions completed, not upon hours worked.

As in most cases, a mastery of time is critical.  Truly successful real estate achievers have plenty of free time.  They master time management skills.


An enormous amount of activity can be created for weekends.  In the early stages of your career you may find it necessary to work many weekends.


You will need the whole-hearted support of your family.  Real estate can be very demanding on your family life.  Family bonds need to be strong to withstand such pressure.  By focusing on the ultimate benefits of a successful real estate career, a family feels part of a team.


The most successful people are constantly improving.  You will need to devote yourself to continuous training and improvement.  Studying the great achievers from real estate, and from other industries will be of great benefit.  All of this information will be made available to successful applicants.


In real estate, the 'sale' is not so much when someone decides to purchase a property.  The true 'sale' is when a person grants you the right to represent them as their agent for the sale of their property.  What you 'sell' is yourself, your agency and the benefits your agency can provide to the seller.

The sellers are your clients and their interests are of paramount importance.  By remembering this principle and practising a policy of total client care, you will receive many recommendations.  The better you care for your clients, the more successful your career will be.  A struggling real estate agent is often a real estate agent who has neglected clients.

The interests of your clients are your major concern.  Your success will be measured not only by your income but also by the praise you receive from happy clients.  The programs you will be taught eliminate all methods that place agent interests ahead of clients' interests.

The philosophy of looking after clients is taught in your pre-start training programs.  These strategies will make you very proud of your profession.

People of the highest integrity are very popular with clients.  Trust is the key in every aspect of the sales programs you will study and master.


If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of a career in real estate, and you feel that you have the dedication to succeed in an office using the Real Estate Agency Management Program:

Please call

3207 6000

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